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Apr 14 '14


The Lamb of Paris - An Elizabeth Comstock Fanmix

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La Vie en Rose - Louis Armstrong // God Only Knows (Babershop Quartet) B. Wilson, T. Asher and C. Hine // After You’ve Gone - Bessie Smith // I Love Paris - Ella Fitzgerald // Will the Circle be Unbroken - Marc Lucuesta // Cheek to Cheek - Louis Armstrong and Ella Fitzgerald // Feeling Good - Nina Simone // I’ll be Seeing You - Billie Holiday // Everybody Wants to Rule the World - Scott Bradlee // La Vie en Rose - Edith Piaf // Elizabeth - G. Schyman //

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Mar 18 '14

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Mar 12 '14

D i s t r i c t   F o u r   r e a p i n g

Finnick, the handsome bronze-haired guy from District 4 who was crowned ten years ago at the age of fourteen. A hysterical young woman with flowing brown hair is also called from 4, but she’s quickly replaced by a volunteer, an eighty-year-old woman who needs a cane to walk to the stage.

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Mar 9 '14

i don’t know what’s more annoying:  people who bitch about dst or people who bitch about people who bitch about dst

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Mar 9 '14
Om non dinner. #whole30

Om non dinner. #whole30

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Mar 2 '14




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Feb 22 '14

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Feb 22 '14

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